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This blog is activated to open up another forum for reliable and verifiable information within the domain of Security and Policy and other issues all over the World . We invite people to read our carefully selected news and updates, and make your own comments and reflections seen from your perspective.  We see climate changes that threaten the livelihood in parts of the world. We also see a disturbing political evolution taking place in Russia, in the midst of otherwise restless Europe. The forceful annexation of Crimea, and instigation of war and occupation of parts of eastern Ukraina, is threatening the stability in Europe, and sending an ominous message to all its neighbors, of Russian willingness to act with aggression and violence to protect their interests.

We shall digest these facts, and through republishing of relevant, carefully selected and signed articles from sources and authors with high integrity, understand first hand the background for the political developments taking place in Russia and other places. Who is actually in charge in Russia and how did this change in behavior come about so suddenly in what until recently looked like historically peaceful times in our part of the world. And what is going on in China with its vast claims in the South China Sea, threatening commercial sea transport lines and claiming sovereign control of islands traditionally controlled by other adjacent nations. A recipe for trouble with the superpower USA.

As a long time professional practitioner in the field of  Security and Policy, we will put in our own comments on selective issues on the Blog. These will be shown in the comments field under articles with below signatur.

We also invite you to share your views with all readers.

Author :Terje B. (TBU)

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